Quarterly Release

Harleysville Savings Financial Corporation Announces Earnings for the Second Fiscal Quarter 2014 ended March 31, 2014.

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Fraud Alert

With recent retailer data compromises we want to remind customers to be diligent in monitoring their accounts for suspicious activity. If you notice unusual activity on your checking account or debit card please contact our deposit services group at 215-256-8828. Remember to check your credit card statements also and contact your credit card company if you see suspicious activity.

Message from the President

"As we celebrate our 98th Anniversary as a community bank, I am thankful for our Board of Directors and team members whose dedication to our culture and stakeholders has allowed us to help our customers succeed and to grow our Company."

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Prewards - A New Way To Save

Harleysville Savings is proud to offer a new program for our debit cardholders. Prewards offers our customers relevant, timely, and valuable digital coupons, with no clipping or printing needed. The reimbursement for savings is fast -- meaning you as the cardholder can quickly take advantage of the value of your Prewards.

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Important Account Information

Recent regulatory changes may affect how your debit card and ATM overdraft transactions are processed. Find out what you need to do to make sure your service isn’t interrupted.

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Tell your friends and neighbors about Harleysville Savings Bank. If they open a checking account with a deposit of $100 or more, we will give them $10 and we will give you $25 for the referral.

Current Rates

.26% APY 20 Month Rising Rate CD
.84% APY 48 Month Rising Rate CD
1.09% APY 60 Month CD

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Apply Online

Whether you are a new or existing customer, you have the ability to apply for a loan online.

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